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Title Grades Author's Last Name
Land That I Love! Landmarks and Symbols K Cabrera
What Are Explorers? K Wieweck
Chester the Nester Laid an Egg 1 Hutchinson
Hand to Heart: The Significance of the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem 1 Medlin
Maps: Understanding Directionality and Location 1 Manzanedo
Runaway Rocks: Understanding Laws of Motion 1 Verdugo
Gingerbread Cowboy 1-2 Martinez/Guerrero
Lead On! Courageous Civil Rights Leaders 1-2 Medlin
Wow! Juneteenth 1-2 White
Big Brother: Explore Measurement and the Largest Navajo Rug in the World 1-3 Guerrero
Cesar Chavez: American Hero 2 Figueroa
Far Away and Long Ago: Japan--Past to Present 2 Godfrey
The Lincoln Memorial: America’s Gathering Place 2 Jenkins
Through Time: Change in Sedona 2 Letofsky
If These Walls Could Talk: Seeing a Culture Through Human Features 2 and 6 Norton
Sticks, Stones, Sinews and Stuff: How Early People Used the Environment to Meet Basic Needs 2-3 Martinez
BLAST IT: Learning About Copper! 3 Sepp
Blazing Trails: Discovering Routes through Arizona to California 3 Davis
Dams that Tamed Arizona’s Rivers 3 Tennyson
Down the Colorado: John Wesley Powell, the One-Armed Explorer 3 Guerrero
Goin’ with the Flow: Aqueducts and Canals 3 Wiens
It’s Where??? A Look at the Location of Our Territorial Capital and Why It Was Located There 3 Sepp
Popcorn Population 3 Guerrero
Reading the Coyote School News 3 Warren
So That the Desert Can Blossom Like a Rose: Agriculture in the Desert 3 Warren
The Desert is Theirs: Adapting to Our Environment 3 Wood
The Harvey Ways: Cultural Tourism in Arizona 3 Strouth
The Unbreakable Code: Navajo Code Talkers 3 Hutchinson
Yuma “Push and Pull” 3 Hamel
Arizona: Way Out West and Witty 3-4 Olp Ekiss
Journey through Time: Arizona, From Territory to Statehood 3-4 Jones
Living in the Desert: Hohokam Adaptation to Their Environment 3-4 Warren
Maize to Maquiladoras: Movement from Mexico to Arizona 3-4 Warren
Presidio Life: Understanding the Life and Impact of the Spanish 3-4 Rivera
A River Through Time: Focus on the Gila River 3-5 Warren
Desert Views - First Impressions: Travelers on the Gila Trail 3-5 Warren
Take Me to the River: The Mojave Indians and the Colorado River 3-5 Jenkins
Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans – Oh My! 4 Rhinehart
Cochineal: The Perfect Red To Dye For 4 Jenkins
Finding the Americas: How Physical Features Impact Human Settlement 4 Lambert
The Rain Saved Us – Examining Drought Impacts Yesterday and Today 4 Schaecher
Using Folklore to Explore French Canadian Culture and Geography 4 Shoemaker
You Say You Want a Revolution: Comparing Colonial Revolutions in the New World 4 Chambers
Early Spanish and Iroquois Housing: Similarities and Differences 4 and 7 Munson
A River, Dead or Alive: Native Americans' and European Colonists' Treatment of a River 4-5 Chambers
Exploring Indigenous Place Names in Canada 4-5 Warren
Hohokam Communities: Taking Risks and Making Trade-offs 4-5 April Kamp-Whittaker
Wampum: Money vs. Communication 4-5 Munson
Westward Ho: The Difficulties of Emigrants Moving West 4-5 Chambers
In the Wake of Columbus: The Decline of the Indigenous Peoples 4-6 Baron
All Aboard! The Orphan Trains 5 Medlin
America’s Gateway: Learning about the 50 States 5 Jolly
Ellis Island: Entry to Opportunity 5 Hutchinson
From Sea to Shining Sea: Solving the Puzzle 5 Godfrey
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad 5 Halverson
Independence, Revolution, and George: Events of the Revolutionary War 5 Warren
Island Hopping: The Story of Ned Begay Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two 5 Medlin
Madonnas of the Trail— A Celebration of Westward Movement 5 Rees
Mail Order Brides and Bridges 5 Noland
Meet the Mogollon: Who Were They? 5 Nice
Mountains, Sinks and Deserts: The Physical Geography of the California Trail 5 Warren
Name That Place: Cultural Place Names in the United States 5 Nice
Now You See Them . . . Now You Don’t: The Movement of People In and Out of Arizona 5 Davis
Oregon or Bust: The Journey West Along the Oregon Trail 5 Loken
Pushed & Pulled: Examining Factors that Lead to Migration 5 von Prisk
Separatists, Mayflower Compact, and Roger Williams 5 Hutchinson
Steam and You! How Steam Engines Helped the United States to Expand 5 Bradley
The Amazing Journey of Edgar the Eagle 5 Rees
The Birth of a Rocky Mountain City and Railroad: Georgetown and the Loop Railroad 5 Charlson
The Cherokee: Trail Where They Cried 5 Jenkins
Towards the West: Oregon Trail 5 Shukla
Where is the Trail? The Journey of Lewis and Clark 5 Nice
“I Further Declare”: A Closer Look at the Emancipation Proclamation 5 Warren
Get On the Track: Migration - An African American Adventure During WW l 5 and 7 Nice
Rephotography: A Cool GeoTool 5 and 8-HS Godfrey
Survivors in Harsh Habitats: Mogollon, Ancestral Puebloans, and Hohokam 5-6 Stegall
A Drop in the Bucket – Ancient Egyptian Irrigation 6 Milliken
A Folktale, a Famine and a Finale: The Great Famine of 1315 6 Godfrey
Add a Little Spice to Your Life 6 Nice
Aegean Adaptability: Geography and the Ancient Greeks 6 Wiens
Aqueducts and Aquaduckies 6 Lagerquist
Citizen Character Traits: Learning to Petition Public Officials 6 Moll
Confucianism: A Cornerstone 6 Ambroziak
Even the Rocks Cry Out! Communication Through Rock Art 6 Stegall
Great Rivers of Great Civilizations 6 Strouth
India’s Contributions to the World: Zero! 6 Jenkins
Letter From A Leader 6 Rees
Measuring the Travels of Two Adventurers: Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta 6 Wiens
Pull, Pull, Pulleys in Mesopotamia 6 Lagerquist
Sail Like an Egyptian: Alternative Energy 6 Moll
Solving the Puzzle--The Middle Ages: A Time of Movement - People, Goods, and Ideas 6 Godfrey
The Golden Age of Athens (495 – 429 B.C.E.) 6 Bhathena
The Silk Road: An Ancient Internet 6 Rees
Urquhart Castle: Learning about a Castle and Its Workers 6 Gale Ekiss
Winning Isn’t Everything: Putting the “Sports” in Sportsmanship 6 Jones
Mansa Musa: Lion of Mali 6 and High School Jones
The Amazing Khmer 6 and High School Rees
Zheng He-China’s Naval Ambassador 6 and High School Rees
Desert Deception: Believe It or Not? 6-7 Garrett
The Breadwinner 6-7 Gonzalez
Healing Fields and 14 Cows – 9/11 Tributes 6-8 Leo
Jerusalem: A Holy City 6-High School Ekiss
Desertification: Cause and Effect 7 Stout
From the Dust Bowl to Sunny California 7 Ekiss
Henrietta Lacks and The Great Migration 7 Schober
Making the Blockade a “Ria”lity: How Drowned River Valleys Assisted in Blockading Confederate Ports 7 Donoghue
Mission Possible: Decoding WWII Navajo Marine Code 7 Jones
Pictures Paint More Than Words: Images and Media Influence 7 Leeds
Roots and Wings: A Lesson about Immigration 7 Gonzalez
Tasting the Sky: Life on the West Bank 7 Hutchinson
The Canadian Caper: Canada and the Iranian Hostage Crisis 7 Rees
The Transcontinental Railroad: How Did It Change American Society and Environment? 7 White
The Voyage of the MS St. Louis: The Refugees No Country Wanted 7 McBride
Thinking Like A Historian: Jamestown v. Point Comfort (formerly called The Penned Truth) 7 Woods
“READ” an Artifact 7 Lagerquist
Orphan Trains: Journeys of Salvation and Sorrow 7 and High School Rees
Where Do We Go Now? The Jewish Population After World War II 7 and High School Kratzke
From Pearl Harbor to the Rise of Mushrooms: World War II in the Pacific 7-8 Porell
NIMBY: Not in My Backyard 7-High School Ekiss
Operation Yellow Ribbon: Canada and 9/11 7-High School Rees
Why They Come– Push and Pull Factors in Migration 7-High School Frank
Communicating Like Revolutionary Spies 8 Shafer
Past (Yellow Fever), Present (COVID-19) and Future (?) 8 Gupta
Rights: The 14th Amendment 8 Halverson
The Cold War: It’s Not Rocket Science, or Is It??? 8 Berry
The Green Book: Black Traveler’s Guide to Happy Motoring 8 Jenkins
Cartogram of the Great Compromise 8 and High School Polve
Changing Face of the AZ Border 8 and High School Ekiss/Rees
How Much of the U.S.Population is Foreign-Born? 8 and High School Terlecki
The Dred Scott Case 8 and High School Rees
You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Miranda v. Arizona (1966) 8 and High School Jones
A Delicate Balance: Geo-History of Wildfire in the American West High School de Masi
A Greater Killer than the War: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 High School Hinde
African Imperialism: Scramble for Africa High School Hauter
Examining the Iran-Contra Affair High School Reynolds
Forecast Cloudy with a Slight Chance of Showers: The Delay of the D-Day Invasion (1944) High School Vogt
Go, Buddha, Go: Patterns in the Spread of Religions High School Henry
Indigenous Foreigners: Geographic Impact on the Literary and Social Construct of “Other” High School Jozefowski
Indigenous Sacred Places High School Kuropatkin
Kindertransport: Cultural Comparison of Urban Areas High School Buffington
La Frontera--Barrier or Gateway? An Introductory Unit to the US-Mexico Borderland High School Rees
Location, Location, Location: Arizona and the Gadsden Purchase High School White
Mapping a Crisis: Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb High School Neenos
Mormon Pioneers in Arizona High School Schmidt
Our Radioactive Backyard: Discovering the History and Culture of the Santa Susana Field Lab High School Luevanos
Racism, Relocation, and Redress: The Japanese-Canadian Experience High School Rees
Satellites, Orbits and Space Junk High School Oswald Keene
Shhh! . . . Mum’s the Word: Secret Cities of the Manhattan Project High School Kuropatkin
Tempest Tossed: Ellis Island High School Leckman
The Moundbuilders: Who, Where, So What? High School Rees
The Righteous Gentile: The Story of Irena Sendler and the Holocaust High School Kiley
Traversing the Terrain: Transportation in Arizona (1853) High School Vogt
Treacherous Trenches High School Hauter
Unveiling the Roles of Women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) High School Schmidt
We Gotta Get Out of This Place: Escape From Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona High School Halverson
Wobblies, Strikers, Vagrants & Other Undesirables: The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 High School de Masi