Geography and Diverse Learners (ELLs)

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Title Grades Author's Last Name
Giant Garbage Patches: Ocean Gyres 1-2 Ekiss
Catch Me If You Can: Practicing Relative Location Words Using Literature K Cloyd
Floods K Roman
How Helping A Flower, Helps Us! K Roman
Land That I Love! Landmarks and Symbols K Cabrera
Ocean Pals K Bojorquez
The Little Red Fort K Figueroa
The Sonoran Desert K Haile
Water is Life for Living Things K Koskiniemi
A Walk Around the School: Mapping Places Near and Far K-1 Willey
Helper Ants K-1 Luna
In Case of Fire: Mapping Your Classroom K-1 Cloyd
Me on the Map: Homes, Neighborhoods, and Communities K-1 Willey
The Silly States: Where is Your State and City? K-1 Cloyd
Through the Forest and Home Again: Maps Help Us Find Our Ways K-1 Willey
Where Am I? Determining Relative Location K-1 Lightfoot
As the Kids Come and Go: Mapping a Classroom K-2 Knowler
What’s the Weather? K-2 Gunn
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! Why Bees are Important 1 Navarrete
H2O on the Go! Learning about Fresh and Salt Water 1 Hobbs
Have You Ever Wanted to Play in the Dirt? Learning about Soil 1 Gonzalez
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.. Ideally! 1 Goodman
Keep Cool and Play On: Exploring the Science of Light 1 Demichellis
Living Antiques: Saguaros 1 Perry
Maps: Understanding Directionality and Location 1 Manzanedo
Runaway Rocks: Understanding Laws of Motion 1 Verdugo
We’re Going on an Ant Hunt 1 Copeland
Got to Go! Got to Go! Protecting the Monarch Butterflies 1-2 Green
I Am a Rock, I Am an Island: Describing Landforms and Bodies of Water 1-2 Letofsky
Kid Maps: Reading and Creating Maps with Human and Physical Characteristics 1-2 Knowler
Mountain Magic: Identifying the Basic Physical Characteristics of Mountains 1-2 Phillips
Put Me in My Place: Using Alphanumeric Grids to Locate Places 1-2 Letofsky
Water Conservation for Young Children 1-2 Ekiss
Wow! Juneteenth 1-2 White
Leapin' Landmarks: Locating 10 Man-made Landmarks Around the World 2 Phillips
A Habitat Makes a Home 2 Paine
Bee vs Wasp: How Will They Survive? 2 Carrillo
Big Map of Crow Boy’s Land: Human and Physical Characteristics of Japan 2 Green
Cesar Chavez: American Hero 2 Figueroa
Get In The Zone: Ocean Zones 2 Ngo
In Search of the Ninth: Using Forensic Science to Investigate the Disappearance of Ancient Rome’s Ninth Legion 2 Salas Murphy
Location, Location, Location: The Perfect Home for an Ocean Animal 2 Lizarraga
Map Tools: The Compass Rose 2 Gaona
On the Move: Why Do People Migrate? 2 Baker
Pesky Pollution: Types, Causes, and Solutions 2 Burr
Salvation of the Sea Turtles: Investigating An Endangered Species 2 Hibbitts
The Properties of Matter: It Matters! 2 Hernandez
Through Time: Change in Sedona 2 Letofsky
Urban, Suburban, and Rural: Monsoon Effects 2 Herrera
Using Cardinal Directions 2 Nethercott
Where Have All the Creatures Gone? An Investigation of Climate Change the in the Hudson Bay 2 Rivera
Where in the Neighborhood is Ramona Quimby? Measuring Distance on a Map 2 Phillips
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Map for Me 2 Martinez
Nina Bonita: Culture and Beauty 2 and 4 Norton
If These Walls Could Talk: Seeing a Culture Through Human Features 2 and 6 Norton
Over and Through: Physical Geography Vocabulary 2 and 6 Strouth
Sticks, Stones, Sinews and Stuff: How Early People Used the Environment to Meet Basic Needs 2-3 Martinez
TOADS: An Introduction to Map Reading 2-3 Ekiss
Which Way is Up? The Tree of Life in Africa 2-3 Norton
Reading Arizona Maps 3 Post
BLAST IT: Learning About Copper! 3 Sepp
Campus Cleanup 3 Sweeney
Fantastic Frogs: A Study of Adaptations 3 Johnson
Know Your State: Regions of Arizona 3 Wood
Let's Travel: Travel Brochures of Arizona 3 Wood
Mapping Roxaboxen 3 Warren
Paint My Counties: Map Coloring the Counties of AZ 3 Jenkins
So That the Desert Can Blossom Like a Rose: Agriculture in the Desert 3 Warren
The Desert is Theirs: Adapting to Our Environment 3 Wood
What Am I? Human or Physical Feature 3 Deppe
What is it Like? Mapping My Neighborhood 3 Sepp
What's Holding Up the Water? 3 Post
Yuma “Push and Pull” 3 Hamel
Maize to Maquiladoras: Movement from Mexico to Arizona 3-4 Warren
Monarch Mystic Migration 3-4 Parra
Presidio Life: Understanding the Life and Impact of the Spanish 3-4 Rivera
The Gift of Water: Modifying Our Environment 3-4 Post
Weaving a Story of Cooperation: The Goat in the Rug 3-4 Jenkins
A River Through Time: Focus on the Gila River 3-5 Warren
Arizona: Let’s Plan a Road Trip 3-5 Barker
Desert Views - First Impressions: Travelers on the Gila Trail 3-5 Warren
Lockbox Lesson--Jaguars: Mystery and Myth 3-5 Parra
Take Me to the River: The Mojave Indians and the Colorado River 3-5 Jenkins
A Watershed Moment: Focus on Arizona 4 Alarcon
Earth: Layer By Layer 4 Mathias
Finding the Americas: How Physical Features Impact Human Settlement 4 Lambert
Our Home: Ecosystems 4 Banos
Renewable and Nonrenewable Sources of Energy 4 Kharbanda
The Rain Saved Us – Examining Drought Impacts Yesterday and Today 4 Schaecher
Weaving Around the World 4 Desai
A River, Dead or Alive: Native Americans' and European Colonists' Treatment of a River 4-5 Chambers
A Storm is Brewing 4-5 Spero
Adventures in Archaeology 4-5 Christian
Westward Ho: The Difficulties of Emigrants Moving West 4-5 Chambers
Talking Walls: A Cultural Field Trip Around the World 4-6 Guerrero
It's Happening, Where? Find the Absolute and Relative Location of News Articles 4-7 Chambers
America’s Gateway: Learning about the 50 States 5 Jolly
Camouflage: You Can’t See Me! 5 Wright
Counting on Katherine: Let’s Have a Ball! 5 Keough
Garbage Island 5 Sanchez
Ghastly Ghost Fishing: Effects on Humpback Whales 5 Garner
Got Wind? Exploring Wind Energy & Wind Farms 5 Avechuco
Human-Caused or Natural? Exploring Impactful Changes to Habitats 5 Mercado
Mail Order Brides and Bridges 5 Noland
Map of Memories 5 Barker
Name That Place: Cultural Place Names in the United States 5 Nice
Read the USA: Passport to Regions 5 Jenkins
Relationship of Latitude and Longitude to Coordinate Planes 5 Sharma
Rising from the Dust: Learning about Natural Disasters Using the Novel, Esperanza Rising 5 Amaya
Rivers that Flow from the Continental Divide: The Journey of Two Rivers 5 Charlson
Steam and You! How Steam Engines Helped the United States to Expand 5 Bradley
The Amazing Journey of Edgar the Eagle 5 Rees
The Birth of a Rocky Mountain City and Railroad: Georgetown and the Loop Railroad 5 Charlson
The Cherokee: Trail Where They Cried 5 Jenkins
Towards the West: Oregon Trail 5 Shukla
Where Did My Lunch Come From? A U.S. Regional Tour 5 Chambers
Where in the World is Esperanza? Reasons Why Humans Immigrate 5 McClain
Where in the World is Ryan? Practicing Latitude & Longitude 5 Deppe
Where is the Trail? The Journey of Lewis and Clark 5 Nice
World Time Zones 5 Zhou
Get On the Track: Migration - An African American Adventure During WW l 5 and 7 Nice
What Are All the Lights? U.S. Population 5 and 7 Nice
Create A City: An Urban Planning Exercise 5, 7-8 Ekiss
A Drop in the Bucket – Ancient Egyptian Irrigation 6 Milliken
A Deep Dive into Ocean Zones 6 Coughlin
A Folktale, a Famine and a Finale: The Great Famine of 1315 6 Godfrey
A Patch to Match Every Mission 6 Venglarcik
Add a Little Spice to Your Life 6 Nice
Aegean Adaptability: Geography and the Ancient Greeks 6 Wiens
All the Places You Go (Carbon Footprint) 6 Sharma
Aqueducts and Aquaduckies 6 Lagerquist
Cinderella Around the World & The Five Themes of Geography 6 Guerrero
Connecting to Our Roots Using the Novel: Me, Frida and the Secret of the Beautiful Peacock Ring 6 Tripathi
Fishing for a Fortune: The Science of Understanding our World 6 Laird
Geography and STEM: Engineering that Made a Difference 6 Touchette Hutchinson
Go GeoWild with Pokemon GO! 6 Guerrero
Great Rivers of Great Civilizations 6 Strouth
How the Shadoof? Egyptian Technology 6 Morello
India’s Contributions to the World: Zero! 6 Jenkins
Is There a Map in That Story? 6 Halverson
It's Not a Ford...It's a Fjord! Learning Landforms and Bodies of Water through Word Association 6 Martin
Letter From A Leader 6 Rees
Pull, Pull, Pulleys in Mesopotamia 6 Lagerquist
Sail Like an Egyptian: Alternative Energy 6 Moll
Saving the Saguaro and the Impact of Climate Change on Deserts 6 Sharma
Say What? Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom 6 Wimer
Soil Solutions: A Medieval Soil Mystery 6 Godfrey
Taming the Flames: Understanding Wildfires 6 Jones
The Golden Age of Athens (495 – 429 B.C.E.) 6 Bhathena
The Silk Road: An Ancient Internet 6 Rees
There’s A Map on My Lap! 6 Carrasco-Kinney
Where Did You Come From? Using Geography to Trace the History of Dog Breeds 6 Howard
Where in the Classroom is ______? Coordinate Plane and Mapping 6 Campos
A Region in My Own Backyard: A Geographic Field Study 6-7 Halverson
Balkan Basics 6-7 Stout
Desert Deception: Believe It or Not? 6-7 Garrett
The Breadwinner 6-7 Gonzalez
STAR IT (Simplify the Article's Really Important Topic) by Usingthe 5 Themes of Geography 6-8 Martin
Use Dr. Seuss's The Lorax to Explore Environmental Issues 6-8 Rees
What a Variety of Maps! 6-8 Strouth
A Country’s Shape Is More than Its Borders: Population Pyramids 6-High School Rees
Jerusalem: A Holy City 6-High School Ekiss
African Regions and their Folk Tales 7 Wiens
Desertification: Cause and Effect 7 Stout
Fast Fashion: The True Cost 7 Desai
From Around the Corner to Around the World: Coca-Cola 7 Stelten
Grand Canyon: So...What's the Attraction? 7 Stelten
Henrietta Lacks and The Great Migration 7 Schober
Inferno Arizona 7 Hinton Sainz
The Impact of the European Union 7 Stout
The Story of Allenville, Arizona: 1945-1978 7 McWilliams
The Transcontinental Railroad: How Did It Change American Society and Environment? 7 White
The Voyage of the MS St. Louis: The Refugees No Country Wanted 7 McBride
Thinking Like A Historian: Jamestown v. Point Comfort (formerly called The Penned Truth) 7 Woods
Touchdown to the Moon: Apollo Missions 7 Cullumber
Wonders of the World: Exploring Living Creatures 7 Bouchard
From Pearl Harbor to the Rise of Mushrooms: World War II in the Pacific 7-8 Porell
Ground Shaking: Earthquakes Happen Every Day 7-8 Haarala
Maple Syrup’s Connection to Climate Change 7-8 Pendleton
American Dream 7-High School Kovach
Communicating Like Revolutionary Spies 8 Shafer
Hunger Games: Districts and Linear Functions 8 Fredette
Past (Yellow Fever), Present (COVID-19) and Future (?) 8 Gupta
Plastic Soup: A PSA for the Ocean 8 Gingrich
Shh… What Was That Noise? Identifying Sound Decibels 8 Moll
Shortest Distance: Volcanoes and the Pythagorean Theorem 8 Sangwan
Sustainability: The High Cost of Not Eating Locally 8 Homyak
The Cold War: It’s Not Rocket Science, or Is It??? 8 Berry
The Monumental Pyramids of Egypt and the Pythagorean Theorem 8 Rooprai
The Rajah’s Rice: Comparing India’s Population Over Time 8 Dopudja
Time To Talk: We Are Running Out Of Soil! 8 Vargas
Unlocking the Sad Secret of the Spike: COVID 19 8 Mehta
When Nature Strikes: Natural Hazards Safety Booklet 8 Williams
Wetlands: Why Are They Endangered? 8 and High School Stout
Large vs Small Scale Maps: Can you Breakout of the Map? Differences in Map Scale 8-HS Moll
Arizona Ablaze: Assessing the Impact of Wildfires High School McIntosh
Arizona and the Colorado River High School Redd
Calculating Water Runoff High School Redd
Indigenous Sacred Places High School Kuropatkin
Into the Deep: Mapping the Ocean Floor High School Conn
Is it Good? Is it Bad? Genetically Modified Foods High School Reynolds
Kindertransport: Cultural Comparison of Urban Areas High School Buffington
Making Research Relevant: 187º Fahrenheit! Exploring Peru’s Boiling River High School Ishaq
Our Radioactive Backyard: Discovering the History and Culture of the Santa Susana Field Lab High School Luevanos
Petroglyphs: Snapchat of Ancient Times High School Redd
Resource Utilization: At What Cost! High School Taylor
Satellites, Orbits and Space Junk High School Oswald Keene
Shhh! . . . Mum’s the Word: Secret Cities of the Manhattan Project High School Kuropatkin
Treacherous Trenches High School Hauter