Geography Activity Books

The Arizona Geographic Alliance is very excited to share our grade level-based Geography Activity Books! (Grades K-7)

You can view or download the books below. 



If you would like printed copies, we will have a limited number of those. Please add your name and copies requested to our google order form. Please remember, we have a limited number of copies, so please share with other educators.
The Google form can be found here: Google Order Form
When we have "hit" the maximum available for a grade level, we will keep accepting reservations but the request may not be filled. Our plan is to notify people requesting the activity books (first come, first serve) of distribution dates. If they do not pick up the booklets during these times, the waiting list will be contacted.   
We are hopeful the first distribution day will be in late January or early February and will send an update when we get notification the booklets will be arriving from the print shop.


PDF Files of Activity Books

(Note: If you print these yourself, please use the "fit to page" option when printing.)  

Kindergarten: Children as Citizens

1st Grade: Living and Working Together 

2nd Grade: The World Around Me

3rd Grade: Arizona Studies

4th Grade: Regions and Cultures of the Americas

5th Grade: United States Studies

6th Grade: Global Studies

7th Grade: Integrated Global Studies


If you use our geography activity books in your classroom, we would appreciate if you could take a quick moment to complete our survey. It will help us with edits, future book creation and distribution. Activty Book Survey