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Title Grades Author's Last Name
Counting Islands: What Is an Island and How Many Do You See? K Knowler
Getting and Giving Help K Godfrey
Graph Those Continents! K Guerrero
Helper Ants K Luna
Identifying Geography from Postcards K Warren
Land That I Love! Landmarks and Symbols K Cabrera
Near and Far, Wherever You Are K Nixon
Shape of My World: Mapping a Classroom K Nixon
The Sonoran Desert K Haile
Were We First? K Wieweck
What’s the Weather? K Gunn
Where Is Gizmo Now? K Larson
This House is Made of Mud: Exploring the Shapes in Our Lives K-1 Hutchinson
Mapping the Bears’ Cottage: Learning to Create and Use a Map with a Legend K-2 Knowler
Giant Garbage Patches: Ocean Gyres K-3 Ekiss
Get to School the Safe Way: Creating a Safe Route from Home to School 1 Larson
H2O on the Go! Learning about Fresh and Salt Water 1 Hobbs
Living Antiques: Saguaros 1 Perry
Robots Helping Humans 1 Lizarraga
We’re Going on an Ant Hunt 1 Copeland
Where Are the Treats? 1 Knowler
Where I Live: Finding Arizona on a Map 1 Warren
I’m Hungry! 1-2 Gorry
Math With A Map: Natural Characteristics and Related Word Problems 1-2 Larson
Big Brother: Explore Measurement and the Largest Navajo Rug in the World 1-3 Guerrero
Why Cities Are Where They Are 2 White
A Desert Golf Course: An Oasis for Humans and Wildlife! 2 Sepp
Cesar Chavez: American Hero 2 Figueroa
Far Away and Long Ago: Japan--Past to Present 2 Godfrey
Map Tools: The Compass Rose 2 Gaona
Settlers Didn’t Have Showers! Water in Arizona, Then and Now 2 McCabe
The Power of 3: Three Branches of Government 2 Guerrero
Dog Parks: The Urban Way to Walk Your Dog 2 and 5 Sepp
Countries Count! 2-3 Gorry
Don’t Be Such a Drip: Water Conservation 2-3 Gorry
How Far Is It? Measuring Distances Around the State 2-3 Gorry
Popcorn Population 2-3 Guerrero
Racing Around Arizona: Using an Arizona Map to Create a Bicycle Tour Route in Arizona 2-3 Gorry
Avoiding the Crowd: Understanding Population Density of Earth’s Continents 3 Gorry
Ellis Island: Entry to Opportunity 3 Hutchinson
In Search of the Ninth: Using Forensic Science to Investigate the Disappearance of Ancient Rome’s Ninth Legion 3 Salas Murphy
Monarch Mystic Migration 3 Parra
Relying on the Desert: Plants Used by the Hohokam 3 Warren
Two Stars and a Car! 3 Sepp
Where Should We Camp? Lake Blanco 3 White
Camouflage: You Can’t See Me! 3-5 Wright
A Storm is Brewing 4 Spero
Mining Ore Not? City Population Density as a Result of the Mining Industry 4 Leckman
Presidio Life: Understanding the Life and Impact of the Spanish 4 Rivera
Riddle Me This 4 Klaproth
The Rain Saved Us – Examining Drought Impacts Yesterday and Today 4 Schaecher
What Am I? Human or Physical Feature 4 Deppe
Where’s My Watershed? 4 Jones
Why Were They Built? Dams in Arizona 4 Warren
Earthquakes in Ohio? Earthquake Risk in the U.S. 4 and 6 Leckman
Early Spanish and Iroquois Housing: Similarities and Differences 4 and 7 Munson
Arizona Regions: Salt Dough Maps 4-5 Jenkins
Arizona: Let’s Plan a Road Trip 4-5 Barker
Blazing Trails: Discovering Routes through Arizona to California 4-5 Davis
Hohokam Communities: Taking Risks and Making Trade-offs 4-5 April Kamp-Whittaker
Latitude and Longitude Bingo 4-5 Klaproth
My Own State 4-5 Klaproth
Wampum: Money vs. Communication 4-5 Munson
When Is It Ever Going to Rain? 4-5 Gorry
Zippadeedoda: How to Read a ZIP Code 4-5 Jenkins
Squaring Off the Regions 4-6 Hutchinson
In the Wake of Columbus: The Decline of the Native Peoples 5 Baron
Looking for Landmarks: Using Latitude/Longitude and Geometry Coordinates 5 Hutchinson
Mountains, Sinks and Deserts: The Physical Geography of the California Trail 5 Warren
NIMBY: The Garbage Barge from Islip 5 Jenkins
Now You See Them . . . Now You Don’t: The Movement of People In and Out of Arizona 5 Davis
Oregon or Bust: The Journey West Along the Oregon Trail 5 Loken
Supermarket Sweeps 5 Jenkins
Ups and Downs of Population and Regions 5 Ekiss
Zoom, Zoom: Using Geographic Scale to Apply Spatial Reasoning 5 and 8 Dorn
Get a Life: The Haves and the Have-Nots 5-7 Wiens
A Drop in the Bucket – Ancient Egyptian Irrigation 6 Milliken
A Folktale, a Famine and a Finale: The Great Famine of 1315 6 Godfrey
Add a Little Spice to Your Life 6 Nice
Aqueducts and Aquaduckies 6 Lagerquist
Central Arizona Project: A Story About Water 6 Anderson
Cinderella Around the World & The Five Themes of Geography 6 Guerrero
Desert Deception: Believe It or Not? 6 Garrett
Disastrous Data: We Need a Plan 6 Strouth
Fishing for a Fortune: The Science of Understanding our World 6 Laird
Fun in the Sun? 6 Jenkins
Geography Grows a STEM: Engineering that Made a Difference 6 Touchette Hutchinson
India’s Contributions to the World: Zero! 6 Jenkins
It’s A Long Way To Tipperary, But Just How Far? 6 Rees
Literacy Limbo: Graphing Literacy Rates 6 Terlecki
Measuring the Travels of Two Adventurers: Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta 6 Wiens
Population Density: Whew, That’s Close! 6 Baron
Pull, Pull, Pulleys in Mesopotamia 6 Lagerquist
Pulse of the Planet: Calculating Sun Angles 6 Dorn
Rising from the Dust: Learning about Natural Disasters Using the Novel, Esperanza Rising 6 Amaya
Sail Like an Egyptian: Alternative Energy 6 Moll
Say What? Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom 6 Wimer
Soil Solutions: A Medieval Soil Mystery 6 Godfrey
Tsunami: Catching the Ultimate Wave! 6 Baron
Raindrops: Where Does Rain Fall in Arizona? 6 and 8 Anderson
A Geographic Profile: The Health of Nations 6-7 Glenn
Divide and Conquer: Changing Channel Shape 6-7 Dorn
Globally Aware: We’re all Part of the Same Village 6-7 Wiens
Grand Canyon: A River Rafting Trip 6-7 Munson
HiLo: Places Are Much More Than Just Elevations on a Map 6-7 Dorn
Jerusalem: A City of Conflict 6-7 Terlecki
Journey to Africa: Rainfall or Drought 6-7 Stout
NASCAR, Want to Race? Using NASCAR to Teach Geography 6-7 Halverson
Part or Whole: Increasing or Decreasing? 6-7 Stout
What Can You See From Up There? Determining Visibility From The Top of Tall Structures 6-7 Martin
What’s My Piece of the Pie? 6-7 Rees
Where Did the Lake Go? The Drying Up of Lake Chad 6-7 and High School Martin
Balkan Basics 6-8 Stout
Round and Round We Go: World Traveler 6-8 Glenn
Storm Trackers: Tropical Storms Around the World 6-8 Loken
Tortoises, Penguins, and Sea Lions, Oh My 6-8 Rees
Trees in the Desert: Using the Principles of Xeriscape 6-8 Anderson
GeoSummit: Hungry Planet - A Gastronomical Tour of the World 6-High School Jeannine Kuropatkin and Allison McIntosh
360 Degrees of Culture: Creating Culture Wheels 7 Martin
Arizona Ablaze: Assessing the Impact of Wildfires 7 McIntosh
Ground Shaking: Earthquakes Happen Every Day 7 Haarala
Maple Syrup’s Connection to Climate Change 7 Pendleton
Spring Forward, Fall Back: What Time Is It? 7 Rees
Water Coverage: Using Circle Graphs to Understand the Earth 7 Van Arsdale
“Lunger’s” Life – So You Like Breathing: Tuberculosis in Early Arizona History 7 Leckman
Tempest Tossed After Ellis Island 7 and High School Leckman
Can You Hear Me Now? How a Country's Wealth Influences Communication 8 Dorn
Chopsticks and the Future of China’s Forests: Using Mathematics to Look at the Future 8 Baron
Elevating Land 8 Van Arsdale
From Pearl Harbor to the Rise of Mushrooms: World War II in the Pacific 8 Porell
Marvelous Moroccan Mosaics: Patterns in Zillij 8 Wiens
Smaller, Happier, Harmonious Families: China’s One Child Policy 8 Kuropatkin
The Cold War: It’s Not Rocket Science, or Is It??? 8 Berry
Calculating Water Runoff High School Redd
How Much Is Too Much? How Much Is Not Enough? Analyzing Public Policy in the Petrified Forest High School Stegall
Into the Deep: Mapping the Ocean Floor High School Conn
Is it Good? Is it Bad? Genetically Modified Foods High School Reynolds
Shh… What Was That Noise? Identifying Sound Decibels High School Moll