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Title Grades Author's Last Name
Counting Islands: What Is an Island and How Many Do You See? K Knowler
Getting and Giving Help K Godfrey
Graph Those Continents! K Guerrero
Helper Ants K Luna
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.. Ideally! K Goodman
Identifying Geography from Postcards K Warren
Land That I Love! Landmarks and Symbols K Cabrera
Near and Far, Wherever You Are K Nixon
Ocean Pals K Bojorquez
Shape of My World: Mapping a Classroom K Nixon
The Sonoran Desert K Haile
Were We First? K Wieweck
What’s the Weather? K Gunn
Where Is Gizmo Now? K Larson
This House is Made of Mud: Exploring the Shapes in Our Lives K-1 Hutchinson
Mapping the Bears’ Cottage: Learning to Create and Use a Map with a Legend K-2 Knowler
Giant Garbage Patches: Ocean Gyres K-3 Ekiss
Get to School the Safe Way: Creating a Safe Route from Home to School 1 Larson
H2O on the Go! Learning about Fresh and Salt Water 1 Hobbs
Have You Ever Wanted to Play in the Dirt? Learning about Soil 1 Gonzalez
Living Antiques: Saguaros 1 Perry
Robots Helping Humans 1 Lizarraga
We’re Going on an Ant Hunt 1 Copeland
Where Are the Treats? 1 Knowler
Where I Live: Finding Arizona on a Map 1 Warren
I’m Hungry! 1-2 Gorry
Math With A Map: Natural Characteristics and Related Word Problems 1-2 Larson
Water Conservation for Young Children 1-2 Ekiss
Big Brother: Explore Measurement and the Largest Navajo Rug in the World 1-3 Guerrero
Why Cities Are Where They Are 2 White
A Desert Golf Course: An Oasis for Humans and Wildlife! 2 Sepp
Cesar Chavez: American Hero 2 Figueroa
Far Away and Long Ago: Japan--Past to Present 2 Godfrey
Get In The Zone: Ocean Zones 2 Ngo
Johnny Appleseed: The Path of a Barefoot Legend 2 Spratt
Map Tools: The Compass Rose 2 Gaona
Salvation of the Sea Turtles: Investigating An Endangered Species 2 Hibbitts
Settlers Didn’t Have Showers! Water in Arizona, Then and Now 2 McCabe
The Power of 3: Three Branches of Government 2 Guerrero
Where Have All the Creatures Gone? An Investigation of Climate Change the in the Hudson Bay 2 Rivera
Dog Parks: The Urban Way to Walk Your Dog 2 and 5 Sepp
Countries Count! 2-3 Gorry
Don’t Be Such a Drip: Water Conservation 2-3 Gorry
How Far Is It? Measuring Distances Around the State 2-3 Gorry
Popcorn Population 2-3 Guerrero
Racing Around Arizona: Using an Arizona Map to Create a Bicycle Tour Route in Arizona 2-3 Gorry
To The Rescue: Simple Machines 2-3 Jones
Avoiding the Crowd: Understanding Population Density of Earth’s Continents 3 Gorry
Campus Cleanup 3 Sweeney
Ellis Island: Entry to Opportunity 3 Hutchinson
Fantastic Frogs: A Study of Adaptations 3 Johnson
In Search of the Ninth: Using Forensic Science to Investigate the Disappearance of Ancient Rome’s Ninth Legion 3 Salas Murphy
Monarch Mystic Migration 3 Parra
Relying on the Desert: Plants Used by the Hohokam 3 Warren
Two Stars and a Car! 3 Sepp
Where Should We Camp? Lake Blanco 3 White
Camouflage: You Can’t See Me! 3-5 Wright
A Storm is Brewing 4 Spero
Mining Ore Not? City Population Density as a Result of the Mining Industry 4 Leckman
Paint My Counties: Mapcoloring the Counties of AZ 4 Jenkins
Presidio Life: Understanding the Life and Impact of the Spanish 4 Rivera
Riddle Me This 4 Klaproth
Switch It Up! Scrambling States to Practice U.S. Geography and Identify Climates 4 Marinaccio
Teammates: Bullies, Baseball, Timelines, and Maps 4 Noland
The Rain Saved Us – Examining Drought Impacts Yesterday and Today 4 Schaecher
What Am I? Human or Physical Feature 4 Deppe
Where’s My Watershed? 4 Jones
Why Were They Built? Dams in Arizona 4 Warren
Earthquakes in Ohio? Earthquake Risk in the U.S. 4 and 6 Leckman
Early Spanish and Iroquois Housing: Similarities and Differences 4 and 7 Munson
Arizona Regions: Salt Dough Maps 4-5 Jenkins
Arizona: Let’s Plan a Road Trip 4-5 Barker
Blazing Trails: Discovering Routes through Arizona to California 4-5 Davis
Hohokam Communities: Taking Risks and Making Trade-offs 4-5 April Kamp-Whittaker
Latitude and Longitude Bingo 4-5 Klaproth
My Own State 4-5 Klaproth
Wampum: Money vs. Communication 4-5 Munson
When Is It Ever Going to Rain? 4-5 Gorry
Zippadeedoda: How to Read a ZIP Code 4-5 Jenkins
Squaring Off the Regions 4-6 Hutchinson
Adventures in Archaeology 5 Christian
Counting on Katherine: Let’s Have a Ball! 5 Keough
In the Wake of Columbus: The Decline of the Native Peoples 5 Baron
Looking for Landmarks: Using Latitude/Longitude and Geometry Coordinates 5 Hutchinson
Mountains, Sinks and Deserts: The Physical Geography of the California Trail 5 Warren
NIMBY: The Garbage Barge from Islip 5 Jenkins
Now You See Them . . . Now You Don’t: The Movement of People In and Out of Arizona 5 Davis
Oregon or Bust: The Journey West Along the Oregon Trail 5 Loken
Steam and You! How Steam Engines Helped the United States to Expand 5 Bradley
Supermarket Sweeps 5 Jenkins
Ups and Downs of Population and Regions 5 Ekiss
Where in the World is Esperanza? Reasons Why Humans Immigrate 5 McClain
Where in the World is Ryan? Practicing Latitude & Longitude 5 Deppe
Zoom, Zoom: Using Geographic Scale to Apply Spatial Reasoning 5 and 8 Dorn
Get a Life: The Haves and the Have-Nots 5-7 Wiens
A Drop in the Bucket – Ancient Egyptian Irrigation 6 Milliken
A Deep Dive into Ocean Zones 6 Coughlin
A Folktale, a Famine and a Finale: The Great Famine of 1315 6 Godfrey
Add a Little Spice to Your Life 6 Nice
Aqueducts and Aquaduckies 6 Lagerquist
Central Arizona Project: A Story About Water 6 Anderson
Cinderella Around the World & The Five Themes of Geography 6 Guerrero
Desert Deception: Believe It or Not? 6 Garrett
Disastrous Data: We Need a Plan 6 Strouth
Fishing for a Fortune: The Science of Understanding our World 6 Laird
Fun in the Sun? 6 Jenkins
Geography Grows a STEM: Engineering that Made a Difference 6 Touchette Hutchinson
Go GeoWild with Pokemon GO! 6 Guerrero
India’s Contributions to the World: Zero! 6 Jenkins
It’s A Long Way To Tipperary, But Just How Far? 6 Rees
Literacy Limbo: Graphing Literacy Rates 6 Terlecki
Measuring the Travels of Two Adventurers: Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta 6 Wiens
Population Density: Whew, That’s Close! 6 Baron
Pull, Pull, Pulleys in Mesopotamia 6 Lagerquist
Pulse of the Planet: Calculating Sun Angles 6 Dorn
Rising from the Dust: Learning about Natural Disasters Using the Novel, Esperanza Rising 6 Amaya
Rivers, Rivers Everywhere: The Arizona Watershed 6 Stegall
Sail Like an Egyptian: Alternative Energy 6 Moll
Say What? Editorial Cartoons in the Classroom 6 Wimer
Soil Solutions: A Medieval Soil Mystery 6 Godfrey
Tsunami: Catching the Ultimate Wave! 6 Baron
Raindrops: Where Does Rain Fall in Arizona? 6 and 8 Anderson
A Geographic Profile: The Health of Nations 6-7 Glenn
Divide and Conquer: Changing Channel Shape 6-7 Dorn
Globally Aware: We’re all Part of the Same Village 6-7 Wiens
Grand Canyon: A River Rafting Trip 6-7 Munson
HiLo: Places Are Much More Than Just Elevations on a Map 6-7 Dorn
Jerusalem: A City of Conflict 6-7 Terlecki
Journey to Africa: Rainfall or Drought 6-7 Stout
NASCAR, Want to Race? Using NASCAR to Teach Geography 6-7 Halverson
Part or Whole: Increasing or Decreasing? 6-7 Stout
What Can You See From Up There? Determining Visibility From The Top of Tall Structures 6-7 Martin
What’s My Piece of the Pie? 6-7 Rees
Where Did the Lake Go? The Drying Up of Lake Chad 6-7 and High School Martin
Balkan Basics 6-8 Stout
Round and Round We Go: World Traveler 6-8 Glenn
Storm Trackers: Tropical Storms Around the World 6-8 Loken
Tortoises, Penguins, and Sea Lions, Oh My 6-8 Rees
Trees in the Desert: Using the Principles of Xeriscape 6-8 Anderson
GeoSummit: Hungry Planet - A Gastronomical Tour of the World 6-High School Jeannine Kuropatkin and Allison McIntosh
360 Degrees of Culture: Creating Culture Wheels 7 Martin
Arizona Ablaze: Assessing the Impact of Wildfires 7 McIntosh
Ground Shaking: Earthquakes Happen Every Day 7 Haarala
Inferno Arizona 7 Hinton Sainz
Maple Syrup’s Connection to Climate Change 7 Pendleton
Satellites, Orbits and Space Junk 7 Oswald Keene
Spring Forward, Fall Back: What Time Is It? 7 Rees
The Transcontinental Railroad: How Did It Change American Society and Environment? 7 White
Touchdown to the Moon: Apollo Missions 7 Cullumber
Water Coverage: Using Circle Graphs to Understand the Earth 7 Van Arsdale
“Lunger’s” Life – So You Like Breathing: Tuberculosis in Early Arizona History 7 Leckman
Tempest Tossed After Ellis Island 7 and High School Leckman
American Dream 8 Kovach
Can You Hear Me Now? How a Country's Wealth Influences Communication 8 Dorn
Chopsticks and the Future of China’s Forests: Using Mathematics to Look at the Future 8 Baron
Elevating Land 8 Van Arsdale
From Pearl Harbor to the Rise of Mushrooms: World War II in the Pacific 8 Porell
Hunger Games: Districts and Linear Functions 8 Fredette
Marvelous Moroccan Mosaics: Patterns in Zillij 8 Wiens
Plastic Soup: A PSA for the Ocean 8 Gingrich
Smaller, Happier, Harmonious Families: China’s One Child Policy 8 Kuropatkin
Sustainability: The High Cost of Not Eating Locally 8 Homyak
The Cold War: It’s Not Rocket Science, or Is It??? 8 Berry
The Rajah’s Rice: Comparing India’s Population Over Time 8 Dopudja
The Voyage of the MS St. Louis: The Refugees No Country Wanted 8 McBride
Time To Talk: We Are Running Out Of Soil! 8 Vargas
How Much of the U.S. is Foreign-Born? 8 and High School Terlecki
Calculating Water Runoff High School Redd
How Much Is Too Much? How Much Is Not Enough? Analyzing Public Policy in the Petrified Forest High School Stegall
Into the Deep: Mapping the Ocean Floor High School Conn
Is it Good? Is it Bad? Genetically Modified Foods High School Reynolds
Kindertransport: Cultural Comparison of Urban Areas High School Buffington
Shhh! . . . Mum’s the Word: Secret Cities of the Manhattan Project High School Kuropatkin
Shh… What Was That Noise? Identifying Sound Decibels High School Moll
Thar’s Gold in Them Hills!: Gold Panning High School Byers
Treacherous Trenches High School Hauter