Soil Solutions: A Medieval Soil Mystery

Lesson Plan Content
In this lesson, students will be transported back in time to the year 1100 AD to become serfs sent to solve the problem of poor wheat production on a feudal manor. In order to propose a solution, students will carry out investigations of the soil in the manor’s fields then report back to the lord of the manor. Students will follow the engineering design model for their investigations while also learning about European feudal society. Lesson includes strategies for diverse learners (ELLs).
Diane Godfrey
Grade Range: 
5 class periods
Lesson Materials
Teacher Instructions: 
Materials to Assist Teachers and English Language Learners: 
National Geography Standards: 
1: How to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information
3: How to analyze the spatial organization of people places, and environments on Earth's surface
17: How to apply geography to interpret the past
18: How to apply geography to interpret the present and plan for the future