Legacy Project

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Title Grades Author's Last Name
The Sonoran Desert K Haile
Some Houses Are Made of Straw, Wood, or Brick, but This House is Made of Mud K-1 Martinez
The Three Little Javelinas: How Coyote Got His Howl K-1 Phillips
This House is Made of Mud: Exploring the Shapes in Our Lives K-1 Hutchinson
What’s the Weather? K-2 Gunn
Mapping the Monsoon K-3 Guerrero
Big Moon Tortilla 1 Wahlund
Colors Crackle, Colors Roar 1 Hutchinson
Don’t Call Me Pig 1 Shoemaker
The Seed and the Giant Saguaro 1 Wieweck
Where I Live: Finding Arizona on a Map 1 Warren
Gingerbread Cowboy 1-2 Martinez/Guerrero
Lead On! Courageous Civil Rights Leaders 1-2 Medlin
The Three Little Javelinas 1-2 Guerrero
Water Conservation for Young Children 1-2 Ekiss
A Desert Golf Course: An Oasis for Humans and Wildlife! 2 Sepp
Cesar Chavez: American Hero 2 Figueroa
Grand Canyon: Exploring a Natural Wonder 2 Wieweck
Settlers Didn’t Have Showers! Water in Arizona, Then and Now 2 McCabe
Through Time: Change in Sedona 2 Letofsky
Biomes of Arizona Big Book 2-3 Pearl
Don’t Call Me Pig 2-3 Hutchinson
How Far Is It? Measuring Distances Around the State 2-3 Gorry
Racing Around Arizona: Using an Arizona Map to Create a Bicycle Tour Route in Arizona 2-3 Gorry
Sticks, Stones, Sinews and Stuff: How Early People Used the Environment to Meet Basic Needs 2-3 Martinez
The Tales of Two Goats: Comparing the Geography of Scotland and Arizona 2-4 Warren
Reading Arizona Maps 3 Post
BLAST IT: Learning About Copper! 3 Sepp
Blazing Trails: Discovering Routes through Arizona to California 3 Davis
Dams that Tamed Arizona’s Rivers 3 Tennyson
Down the Colorado: John Wesley Powell, the One-Armed Explorer 3 Guerrero
Goin’ with the Flow: Aqueducts and Canals 3 Wiens
Home in the Desert: Lesson for This House is Made of Mud 3 Graham
It’s Where??? A Look at the Location of Our Territorial Capital and Why It Was Located There 3 Sepp
Know Your State: Regions of Arizona 3 Wood
Let's Travel: Travel Brochures of Arizona 3 Wood
Look Who Lives in the Desert: Exploring the Diversity of AZ Land and Wildlife 3 Noland
Mapping Roxaboxen 3 Warren
Paint My Counties: Map Coloring the Counties of AZ 3 Jenkins
Reading the Coyote School News 3 Warren
Relying on the Desert: Plants Used by the Hohokam 3 Warren
So That the Desert Can Blossom Like a Rose: Agriculture in the Desert 3 Warren
The Desert is Theirs: Adapting to Our Environment 3 Wood
The Harvey Ways: Cultural Tourism in Arizona 3 Strouth
The Unbreakable Code: Navajo Code Talkers 3 Hutchinson
Two Nations/One State: Comparing the National Government, Navajo Nation Government, and the Arizona State Government 3 Himes
Two Stars and a Car: Reading an Arizona Road Map 3 Sepp
What Am I? Human or Physical Feature 3 Deppe
When is a Desert Not a Desert? The Varying Landscapes of Arizona 3 Davis
Where’s My Watershed? 3 Jones
Why Were They Built? Dams in Arizona 3 Warren
Yuma “Push and Pull” 3 Hamel
Arizona: Way Out West and Witty 3-4 Olp Ekiss
Journey through Time: Arizona, From Territory to Statehood 3-4 Jones
Living in the Desert: Hohokam Adaptation to Their Environment 3-4 Warren
Maize to Maquiladoras: Movement from Mexico to Arizona 3-4 Warren
Monsoon Days 3-4 Ekiss
Presidio Life: Understanding the Life and Impact of the Spanish 3-4 Rivera
The Gift of Water: Modifying Our Environment 3-4 Post
Weaving a Story of Cooperation: The Goat in the Rug 3-4 Jenkins
A River Through Time: Focus on the Gila River 3-5 Warren
Arizona: Let’s Plan a Road Trip 3-5 Barker
Desert Views - First Impressions: Travelers on the Gila Trail 3-5 Warren
Lockbox Lesson--Jaguars: Mystery and Myth 3-5 Parra
Making a Salt Dough Map of Arizona 3-5 Jenkins
Take Me to the River: The Mojave Indians and the Colorado River 3-5 Jenkins
A Watershed Moment: Focus on Arizona 4 Alarcon
Arizona Population Changes as a Result of the Mining Industry 4 Leckman
Cochineal: The Perfect Red To Dye For 4 Jenkins
The Diverse Ways People Have Used the Environment 4 Hutchinson
The Rain Saved Us – Examining Drought Impacts Yesterday and Today 4 Schaecher
Hohokam Communities: Taking Risks and Making Trade-offs 4-5 April Kamp-Whittaker
When Is It Ever Going to Rain? 4-5 Gorry
Island Hopping: The Story of Ned Begay Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two 5 Medlin
Madonnas of the Trail— A Celebration of Westward Movement 5 Rees
Meet the Mogollon: Who Were They? 5 Nice
Now You See Them . . . Now You Don’t: The Movement of People In and Out of Arizona 5 Davis
Survivors in Harsh Habitats: Mogollon, Ancestral Puebloans, and Hohokam 5-6 Stegall
Even the Rocks Cry Out! Communication Through Rock Art 6 Stegall
Raindrops: Where Does Rain Fall in Arizona? 6 Anderson
Saving the Saguaro and the Impact of Climate Change on Deserts 6 Sharma
Taming the Flames: Understanding Wildfires 6 Jones
Desert Deception: Believe It or Not? 6-7 Garrett
Divide and Conquer: Changing Channel Shape 6-7 Dorn
Grand Canyon: A River Rafting Trip 6-7 Munson
Trees in the Desert: Using the Principles of Xeriscape 6-8 Anderson
Grand Canyon: So...What's the Attraction? 7 Stelten
Mission Possible: Decoding WWII Navajo Marine Code 7 Jones
The Story of Allenville, Arizona: 1945-1978 7 McWilliams
“Lungers”–Tuberculosis in Early Arizona History 7 Leckman
Hot Town--Summer in the City 7-8 Carol Carney Warren
Domestic Dependent Nations: Tribal Governments in the United States 8 Warren
The Green Book: Black Traveler’s Guide to Happy Motoring 8 Jenkins
Changing Face of the AZ Border 8 and High School Ekiss/Rees
You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Miranda v. Arizona (1966) 8 and High School Jones
Arizona Ablaze: Assessing the Impact of Wildfires High School McIntosh
Comparing Federal, State and Tribal Governments: Focus Arizona High School Himes
How Much Is Too Much? How Much Is Not Enough? Analyzing Public Policy in the Petrified Forest High School Stegall
La Frontera--Barrier or Gateway? An Introductory Unit to the US-Mexico Borderland High School Rees
Location, Location, Location: Arizona and the Gadsden Purchase High School White
Thar’s Gold in Them Hills!: Gold Panning High School Byers
Traversing the Terrain: Transportation in Arizona (1853) High School Vogt
We Gotta Get Out of This Place: Escape From Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona High School Halverson
Wobblies, Strikers, Vagrants & Other Undesirables: The Bisbee Deportation of 1917 High School de Masi