Counting on Katherine: Let’s Have a Ball!

Lesson Plan Content
“When will I ever use math in real life?” This lesson will show students how a little girl grew up to use math to save NASA astronauts and how they can use math, along with the power of observation to make math come alive! In this lesson students will learn the basics of a parabola. Students will also learn how collaboration can solve problems and how one person can make a difference in the lives of others by using principles found in everyday math and science.
Carolina Keough
Grade Range: 
3 class periods
Lesson Materials
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Materials to Assist Teachers and English Language Learners: 
Arizona Geography Concepts: 
6: Geographic Applications
National Geography Standards: 
2: How to use mental maps (a person's internalized picture of a part of Earth's surface) to organize information about people places, and environments
6: How culture and experience influence people's perceptions of places and regions