Fishing for a Fortune: The Science of Understanding our World

Lesson Plan Content
In this lesson, students will share experiences about fortune telling and then read selected passages describing a variety of fortune telling methods used over time. In order to demonstrate the conflict that often exists between divination and science, students will then follow the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design as they investigate Fortune Teller Fish. Student teams will assume the role of Myth Busters tasked with determining whether the fish can be trusted to provide reliable fortunes. Each team will develop a conclusion based on evidence collected during its investigation and communicate its findings. Is the fortune telling fish legit or busted? This lesson includes strategies for diverse learners (ELLs).
Mike Laird
Grade Range: 
3 class periods
Lesson Materials
Teacher Instructions: 
Materials to Assist Teachers and English Language Learners: 
Arizona Geography Concepts: 
2: Places and Regions
National Geography Standards: 
10: The characteristics, distribution and complexity of Earth's cultural mosaics
17: How to apply geography to interpret the past