ESRI Education Site License Program for Arizona K12 Schools

July 25, 2013

The Geospatial Research and Information Laboratory, ESRI, the Center for Science Teaching and Learning, AzGA and AGIC Arizona, are partnering with ESRI to offer Arizona schools a license to use the ESRI ArcGIS software. Please use the registration form to begin acquiring your school's ESRI license through the partnership program. 

GIS impacts you every day in ways of which you are not even aware. Some of you already understand why this geospatial technology is important and why your students should be conversant not just with using it (as in Google Maps), but in how it works.  


Arizona has a statewide esri site license for this program and it is at no cost.

The license may be free, but if you are new to GIS, you will want to do some self-training before you install it in your school.  And it is highly likely that you don’t need the full package.  For small projects, you may find the free software available on the esri website is easier for you to utilize.


Recommended:  Start at  -- the free ArcGIS online organizational account (ORG) -- and to only progress to Desktop if your goal is to teach students more technical skills (e.g. CTE-type or more advanced computing and project-based elective classes).