Giant Floor Map FAQ

  • When is the map available to borrow?

    The map is now available for schools and educational organizations to borrow. Please click on the booking availability schedule to get started.

  • How do I borrow Arizona’s Giant Floor Map?

    After reviewing the booking availability calendar, fill out a borrower request form to confirm a scheduled time. Indicate your name, the school/group borrowing the map, contact and shipping information, and preferred dates on the form. Please allow at least two weeks from the date you fill out your request to the date of your reservation so the Alliance can plan transportation of the map accordingly.

  • What is the suggested borrowing period for the Giant Floor Map?

    We suggest one week but will consider a longer period based on demand for the map.

  • What are the rules when using the map?

    Socks are to be used at all times on the map. No shoes, no bare feet.This is to preserve and protect the map.
    When borrowing the map, you agree to complete an on-line survey for AzGA. We need this data in order to secure future funding to support teachers with materials and PD. This data is crucial to continue this, and other, support for geography education.
    It is important that you return the map when agreed so that the next teacher can receive the map on schedule. Pick up/drop off times for the map and its accessories are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm at ASU Coor Building.

  • Are there other materials that come with the map?

    Along with each state giant floor map is a trunk full of resources at your disposal. You are responsible for ensuring all materials are in the trunk when the map arrives and when it is returned.Use the checklist in the trunk and conduct an initial inventory. Report any lost or damaged items to

  • What is the State Giant Floor Map Initiative

    This national initiative orchestrated by National Geographic provides all 50 states and DC a free giant floor map (roughly 20’ x 16’) of their state. Geared towards elementary and middle school students (namely third graders), the map is meant to be placed on the floor so that students can walk around and teachers can conduct activities on the map. This initiative comes after the success of National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Maps of continents. Teachers and organizations will be able to borrow the state map for their classroom, which will also come equipped with additional materials for activities.