Surviving the Five Themes: Using Geographic Skills to Survive in the Wild

Lesson Plan Content
This lesson is designed to be a fun way to give students (who have already been introduced to the Five Themes of Geography) the chance to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of them. Students will apply the Five Themes of Geography as a tool to help them survive in the natural world while also learning the basics of survival from an expert.
Jason Howard
Grade Range: 
2-3 class periods
Lesson Materials
Teacher Instructions: 
National Geography Standards: 
1: How to use maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to acquire, process, and report information
2: How to use mental maps (a person's internalized picture of a part of Earth's surface) to organize information about people places, and environments
3: How to analyze the spatial organization of people places, and environments on Earth's surface
4: The physical and human characteristics of places
14: How human actions modify the physical environment