“Ichi-Ni-San-Shi-Go . . . Japan” Studying Japan using the 5 Themes of Geography

Lesson Plan Content
This lesson is designed to help students: 1) survey the physical and cultural geography of Japan, 2) build research skills, and 3) analyze Japan’s geography using the Five Themes of Geography.
Jeannine Kuropatkin
Grade Range: 
3-4 class periods
Lesson Materials
National Geography Standards: 
3: How to analyze the spatial organization of people places, and environments on Earth's surface
4: The physical and human characteristics of places
5: That people create regions to interpret Earth's complexity
6: How culture and experience influence people's perceptions of places and regions
10: The characteristics, distribution and complexity of Earth's cultural mosaics
12: The processes, patterns, and functions of human settlement
14: How human actions modify the physical environment
15: How physical systems affect human systems