NGS Grants to Individuals

January 12, 2017

NGS Grants to Individuals

The grants are to individuals, so a university professor, or K-12 educators are clearly eligible to apply. As of mid-December, NG estimated four deadlines for the year with up to $30K in funding per grant (for one year).  Keywords in the grant overview are bold people and transformative ideas

Grants will be awarded quarterly

Funded projects must align with one of the Society's three focus lenses: Our Human Story, Critical Species & Places, and Our Changing Planet.

Education grants will support projects that aim to teach people about the world and how it works, empowering them to make it a better place. We want to identify effective strategies in teaching and learning - what works in education? - in our three focus lenses. Projects can be new or existing initiatives that have potential for replication or adaptation to other areas and audiences.

We will also support projects that demonstrate how to teach better - new ideas for instructional strategies at any level, with any audience, and in any location. We aim to support educators in traditional and nontraditional settings, in community education and outreach, and in other venues.

Finally, we will support projects that measure what works in teaching and learning - educators who want to research, evaluate, and measure how learning takes place. This dovetails with National Geographic's Learning Framework: the set of attitudes, skills, and knowledge that embody the explorer mindset.

To receive more information and application instructions, please contact

For more information from NGS about their grants and for instructions on how to complete this application, follow the link below.