Thank You! update on the Putting Kids on the Map campaign!

May 31, 2016

The Arizona Geographic Alliance (AzGA) crowdfunding campaign Putting Kids on The Map raised 100% of the $5,000 needed to purchase of a gym sized map of Arizona. In fact, we are purchasing 2 new maps and the accessories needed by teachers to use the maps.

AzGA wants to thank all who helped us meet this funding goal.  Small amounts from many sources put us over our objective.  Our Next Steps of designing and creating activities and lessons that will go with the map, and share it with teachers and students all over the state is underway right now.

The delay in implementing our Next Steps due to unexpectedly receiving two National Geographic Arizona maps has allowed us to refine the lending program, create a web site to support it, and gain experience on what accessories, lessons and activities work best with a giant floor map.  It has also allowed us to train a cadre of teacher on how to use the map so they can check any of the AzGA floor maps out for their school.

An announcement when the new maps are ready to check out is planned for November 2017.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Putting Kids on the Map 2016 Fundraising Team

  • Diane Godfrey
  • Cheryl Wiens
  • Sheila Nice
  • Suzie Vogt
  • Gale Ekiss
  • Cathy Davis
  • Karen Guerrero