STEMSS CRUISE EL Program Information -- Apply for the online cohort 4 now!

Arizona State University -- Tempe

Please see the information below to learn more about the STEMSS Cruise EL project. 

STEMSS Grant is hosting an Online cohort this year. 

Below are details about an incredible, no-cost online pilot professional development program for all teachers who work with English Language or Dual Language learners. This program focuses on language acquisition, with STEM and social studies (STEMSS) embedded into language instruction.  

STEMSS is continuing into their 4th cohort and working to keep everything the same for the program requirements, with the exception of moving a majority of the PD training online. 

Short run down of what to expect: 

· You will receive 1 PD day for attending the orientation and keynote.  

· Within a few days of orientation, you will need to complete a pre-training KUSE assessment.  It is very brief and just gauges your knowledge prior to training. 

·  You will then be given access to the 10 STEMSS strategies module.   

· In addition, when school begins, we will provide you with an online vocabulary assessment for your students.  We will give you all the necessary permission slips for the students and parents as well. We provide the permission slips in both English and Spanish.  The same test is administered at the end of the school year with the hope of showing growth.  

· After you complete the 10 STEMSS strategies, you will begin to think about how you can implement them into a lesson.  We will provide you with the template (very plug-n-play) to write a lesson, utilizing the strategies.  We will help guide you and you will have plenty of support and sounding boards for your ideas.  We will then ask you to teach the lesson sometime during the school year and our instructional coach will observe the lesson, providing you feedback.  This is not a pass/fail and is a judgement-free zone-purely for research and practice.  We are all teachers and have been in your shoes.  After you complete the professional development requirements and submit your lesson, you would be eligible to receive your $1,000 stipend! 

· One additional requirement, again with full support, is to host a family engagement event.  We have STEMSS kits for you to be trained in and you can sign them out, we also have a little amount of financial support that can be used for supplies, snacks and drinks. Again, we are here to help and support you and your event.  Once the family night and pre/post vocabulary assessments are completed, you would be eligible for the second stipend of $500.  

· Control Teacher: Please begin to think about a control teacher.  The control teacher will earn a stipend of $300 for completing the pre/post KUSE as well as the pre/post vocabulary assessment.  This is not pass/fail and is a judgement-free safe space-just for research. 

As this is the first online cohort-the process will be somewhat fluid.  Please let them know if you have questions.  

For more information please email: 


STEMSS Program Manager:

Online Application: STEMSS Fall 2020 Application

Cohort 4 has started but we are still accepting applications! 


Barbara Montgomery